Why Join AIGA?

1. Have a voice.

AIGA is your bully pulpit. What are you looking for from your design community? Members help create the community they want to be a part of.

Join our Town Hall meeting this October 13th to have your voice as a member heard! Stay tuned for details.

2. Grow.
Push yourself further. Members get access to tools, early-bird entry to workshops, and can partake in members-only events such as Casual Critiques.

3. Rethink your world.
AIGA is your venue for disrupting the status quo. From Women’s Leadership to Diversity & Inclusion to Design for Good, we employ our design skills to take part in things we’re passionate about.

4. Take home freebies.
The best things in life are free! (Or discounted). Members get access to awesome discounts from companies like Apple, Lynda.com, Behance and more.

5. Give Back.
We’ve all had a little help along the way, and becoming an AIGA member is a great way to give back to the design community. Whether it be by mentoring younger designers, or volunteering for an event, there are tons of opportunities to contribute.

6. Have a crowd.
We are your people. We’ll talk kerning for days and help you write a contract for a freelance project. There will always be a question you can’t ask at work, or an exhibit you can’t drag your best friend the insurance agent to, and for that, we are here.

7. We need you.
To mix things up! The design community thrives on unique perspectives and life experiences. Bring your particular je ne sais quoi to the table.

8. Be a part of something.
The AIGA network is 30,000 strong. That’s a lot of people continually learning from each other, inspiring each other and supporting each other in the dreams and goals we share.


Join / Renew between September 9th and 16th to be entered into our raffle!

By Emily Hamre
Published September 9, 2015