Job Resources

Finding a job is never easy. AIGA Boston directors have compiled resources that will hopefully assist, particularly during periods of layoffs.

If You Experience a Layoff

  1. ARTICLE | How to Navigate Being Laid Off

Helpful Podcasts

  1. Lonely Office |
  2. Career Strategy Podcast |
  3. Biz Buds |

Gig / Freelance Places

If you have an immediate need for work, these work)

  1. Upwork
  2. Fiverr
  3. Toptal
  4. Behance Job List
  5. Dribbble Freelance Jobs
  6. Working Not Working
  7. ARTICLE |Round-up of 82 best freelance websites in 2022 to help you get remote freelance work fast (via Ryan Robinson) →
  8. ARTICLE | 22 best freelance websites to find work in 2022 (Jeff Cardello, Webflow) →

Places to Look Online | UX/UI Specific Jobs


  1. Hiring UXR Q4 2022 – a crowdsourced list of open positions
  2. UX Research Job Postings – Learners Community
  3. UX, Design, & Research Jobs – DesignX
  4. Jobs – Interaction Design Association
  5. Job Bank – UXPA International
  6. Junior UX/UI Designer Job Board — Ideate Labs LLC
  7. UX Research Jobs
  8. UI/UX Jobs Board
  9. UXinsight (monthly newsletter)
  10. Remotive – A fully remote job board
  11. Linkedin groups like UX Jobs, UX Jobs Board, and UX Hires
  12. Twitter groups UX Jobs and UX Jobs Board

Facebook groups like User Research Collective, Tech Jobs, Remote Digital Jobs