AIGA Boston depends on the help and goodwill of volunteers to carry out a full calendar of events each season.

If you’re interested in volunteering, please let us know which areas of service interest you.

Volunteers are most often needed at events in the areas of registration, preparation of give-away materials, ushering, and light food service. Generally, you are asked to arrive a half hour to an hour before the event begins. You’re then introduced to your fellow volunteers and get to work on setting up the event. At show time, you’re on your own to enjoy the experience!

Why Volunteer?

  • Because you’re tired of going to the lectures and not getting to know any of the other attendees
  • Because you work by yourself and want to be actively involved with other designers
  • Because you want to acquire new skills and challenge yourself
  • Because you want to learn more about AIGA membership or take the next step in your involvement with our chapter
  • Because this is your opportunity to implement the change you’d like to see in your design community
  • Because we need your help to open and maintain a constructive dialogue between designers, businesses, and policymakers
  • Because you want to be an advocate for the role of design in this country
  • Because AIGA Boston is managed by a board full of volunteers just like you