AIGA Boston Call for Nominations

AIGA Boston is run by an all-volunteer Board of Directors working together with several committee members. We support the organization’s mission of deepening the impact of design across disciplines, along with educating and inspiring the broader design community in Boston. As our work continues, we look to you, our members, to join us in serving our community. 

We invite you to apply for a high impact role on AIGA Boston’s Board of Directors, or a significant contributor role through participation on a committee. All positions are volunteer positions. The term is January 2021 — June 2022.

What to Expect 

As a board member, the baseline expectations are that you will:

  • Actively participate in board meetings once a month and attend at least one chapter event every two months
  • Maintain an AIGA membership at the Supporting level or above
  • Define 1- and 2-year goals for your position and collaborate with other board members to help you achieve those goals

As a committee member, the baseline expectations are that you will:

  • Actively participate in committee meetings at least once a quarter, and board meetings as able
  • Maintain a membership at the Contributor level or above
  • Define 1-year goals for your position and collaborate with your committee to help you achieve those goals

For your commitment and contribution as a board or committee member, there are a number of perks, like:

  • Professional development and added skills for your resume
  • New and deeper connections made with fellow AIGA members, event partners, and the broader community of creatives in Boston
  • Mentorship and peer support from other board and committee members
  • Access to AIGA events
  • Feeling good by doing good

Selection Criteria

Read the descriptions of the open positions below to get a sense for what each role entails. If you’d like to apply for one or more of the available positions, or if you’d like to nominate someone you know, please fill out the application at the bottom of this page. A selection committee will review and evaluate your application on a variety of criteria. If selected for further consideration, we will follow up with a notice for a brief interview with the selection committee.

Open Board Positions

Vice President of Communication

As VP of Communication, you’ll oversee the development and implementation of AIGA Boston communication and strategies to engage with our members. You will ensure communication is aligned with AIGA’s mission and goals and work to present a clear, unified voice consistent with AIGA ethics and communication guidelines. You will maintain and follow a style guide with reference to national guidelines. Additionally, you’ll oversee the resources and committees to execute communication initiatives across all digital channels, including email, social media, or shop, podcast, and the website. 

Vice President of Community Engagement

Our VP of Community Engagement is a big-picture role, responsible for connecting the dots between our membership community, larger design community, and programming initiatives. You will work across board committees and directly with members to ensure AIGA Boston delivers on its mission to serve and bring value to the design community. Some of your responsibilities would be to implement strategies for engaging the organization and growing the local community. You’ll also conduct and facilitate outreach efforts to members, non-members, and community partners.

Co-director of Membership
(one of two positions available)

As Co-director of Membership, you will be a primary resource for individual and group members to help ensure they are getting the most value from their involvement with AIGA Boston. You will help lead efforts in the enrollment process, soliciting and responding to member feedback, coordinating member recruitment and retention, and developing local member benefits.

Co-director of Operations
(two positions available)

The Co-director of Operations works to be a key operational support person for the chapter’s Board of Directors. You will oversee integration of new members and lead organization efforts to ensure the board functions cohesively and meetings run smoothly. As Co-director of Operations, you will also plan for monthly board meetings, take minutes, use file management software to distribute, collect and archive resources. Additionally, you will collaborate with the President and VPs to review event proposals and budgets, make decisions regarding chapter policy, and provide guidance to the larger Board of Directors. This role covers a lot of ground, and you will split responsibilities with the other Co-director to be named.

Co-director of Diversity & Inclusion
(one of two positions available)

As Co-director of Diversity & Inclusion, you’ll be responsible for overseeing and guiding AIGA Boston’s efforts to both reflect and encourage diversity within Boston’s design community. You will offer guidance to the organization and its members by participating in purposeful dialogues and activities. You’ll influence internal chapter practices and create new membership programming opportunities. As the demographic makeup of Boston changes, the Co-director of Diversity & Inclusion works to raise awareness to known and unknown biases against underrepresented or overlooked groups as it relates to race, gender, location, age, socio-economic background, religion, ability, etc.

Open Committee Positions

Partnerships Committee Member

Members on the Partnerships Committee will work directly with the Director of Partnerships and other board leaders to make connections between AIGA Boston and corporate and organizational partners. Through communication, outreach, and brand promotion, you’ll assist in discovering and coordinating with sponsors and partners that support the many program initiatives members rely on.

Diversity & Inclusion Committee Members

Members on the D&I Committee will work directly with the Co-Directors of Diversity & Inclusion and other board leaders to enact initiatives and programming that highlights, promotes, and fosters diversity and inclusion in professional practice. Your work will help ensure the chapter is engaging in diverse sponsorship, vendor, venue, and speaker opportunities available in the region.

Communication Committee Member: Writer

A Writer supports the Communication Team with writing journalistic, reflection and opinion works in response to live virtual and future in-person events hosted by AIGA Boston. This position is for people who love to write, and provoke critical thinking of our community at large.

Communication Committee Member: Multimedia Editor

Virtual events will be our primary way of hosting events in 2020-2021, including webinars featuring speakers, panels, and workshops. A Multimedia Editor for video and sound would ensure recorded content is edited and posted to our community, both evergreen and temporary. We see this position playing a significant role in the growth and success of quality in AIGA Boston posted content moving forward.

Communication Committee Member:
Podcast Producer/Editor

The Podcast Producer/Editor will work directly with the Event Communication Co-Director and will be instrumental in bringing AIGA Boston’s podcast to life. The Podcast Producer/Editor is expected to cut and edit podcasts for sound quality and timing cadence to craft the right narrative that tells designers’ stories. 

Communication Committee Member:
Podcast Producer/Co-Host

The Podcast Producer/Co-Host will work directly with the Event Communication Co-Director and uses writing and auditory skills to lead design conversations on the podcast and tailored interview questions for guests. In this role, you’ll expand on interviewee points and bring personality, stage presence to engage audiences. Interviews will primarily alternate between co-hosts, with the opportunity for dual hosting available upon necessity.

Communication Committee Member:
Slack Channel Moderator

AIGA Boston is looking to create Slack as a significant mode of written communication and engagement for the local community and beyond. As the AIGA Boston network and audience continues to grow in other social channels, our chapter is looking for a dedicated moderator to guide building community within this channel. We see this position playing a significant role in the growth and success of AIGA in the future.

How to apply

We are thrilled by your interest. Please click the link below to complete and submit a nomination for yourself or someone you know. Any questions can be directed to Lauren Yanko at lauren [at]

All applications due by December 18, 2020.

By Amelia Oon
Published December 3, 2020