What happened to the BoNE Show?

There are a multitude of reasons we needed to take a year off from hosting the BoNE Show (Don’t know the BoNE Show? Read about it on the AIGA Boston website). In a sentence, we need to find better ways to reconnect and re-energize the show across New England with the involvement of all members.

Why reassess the BoNE Show?

From time to time, every membership-based organization needs to take a deep look at the activities it produces—especially because those activities should be producing value to its members. When indicators of performance go down, the flags go up, and before continuing we need to make sure the BoNE Show still creates member value.

Why now?

Over the past few years, we’ve seen a downward trend in all four areas that we use to assess performance of an event the size of the BoNE Show: event attendance, competition participation, volunteer support, and sponsor support. We on the AIGA Boston board are taking a careful look to figure out if a lack of member value is causing all four indicators to trend down. If the BoNE Show does still hold value for our membership—including you—we need to look at a few more key factors to make an event of this scale successful.

Keys to a successful regional competition:

  • Member ValueDoes this event produce value for the members of the New England design community?
  • Volunteer & Board SupportDo we have the volunteer leadership in place to make it successful?
  • Financial Viability (Community, Member, and Sponsor Support) – Can we achieve a high quality and successful event while growing a financial base to sustain future shows?


Why you?

You are the reason we do anything at all. AIGA Boston is committed to producing value for all its members in any and every we can, i.e., through events, workshops, meetups, etc. As much as possible, we want that decision to be in your hands. We always have your best interests in our minds when deciding on programming, and the more we hear from you, the better.

We want you to help us create what’s next for the BoNE Show:

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Published April 26, 2015