Spoken by Provocateurs

At last week’s Future/History talk the candid conversation between old and new provocateurs James Victore, Jason Bacher and Brian Buirge (of Good F*cking Design Advice) naturally brought about some colloquial gems, such as “It’s only kinky the first time,” and a fair share of swear words. But more stirring was the heart evident behind their provocations. “It’s easy to be against stuff, it’s hard to be for stuff” James Victore proclaimed; this revelation had set him on a path of creating designs for social causes that refuse to let viewers get away without interacting with the matter. The men of GFDA are also a force, having taken a complacent audience and either gripped them with their straight talk advice, or turned them off with their less than clean delivery. Those who are paying attention, however, are likely to be rewarded with that rare piece of advice that actually sinks in.

Below we have a few bits of wisdom from the chat:


"The internet feeble..." James Victore

by Sarah Croughwell


"Try to be vulnerable..." - GFDA

by Maysoon Shafi



"Risk is not that big" - Jason Bacher

by Maysoon Shafi


Published November 28, 2015