Make the Most of Your AIGA Boston Membership this Year

Welcome to AIGA Boston. Maybe you have been here for a while or maybe you are just joining us. Either way, we’re so pumped you are here! There’s a lot of ground to cover because you are part of the largest professional design network in the country. There are 72 chapters in total so no matter where you are, you’ll always have a community. In Boston alone, there are nearly 700 members, including design legends Matthew Carter and Chris Pullman.

Being an AIGA member means you get some cool perks and access to an awesome community. Here’s how to make the most of all of it:

Snag your .design domain name

As an AIGA member you can claim your .design domain name. Let’s be honest, we all drag our feet on updating our portfolios and AIGA is here to help us add that next level of polish. Make sure to grab the domain you need for your next portfolio redesign.

Grab your .design domain name

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Save on all the tools you need

As an AIGA member, you save on anything you need to thrive as a designer. Books, conferences, Apple products, printing, shipping, you name it. Whether you are looking to make a career change, need a new computer, or you want to save money for your business with shipping, we’ve got you covered. There are so many that we had to write an entirely separate post for all the ways your membership can save you money.

Save on all your tools

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Brush up on some skills

Being part of a professional network means professional development and you can learn any way you want. AIGA offers two free months of Skillshare memberships and 30% off CreativeLive classes so you can take your skills to the next level online. And if learning in person is more your style, there are many in-person opportunities to check out. This is an amazing way to grow at your own pace. See it all here.

Photo by Chiranit Prateepasen

Attend a conference

Check out the AIGA Design Conference 2017 and the Eye on Design conference happening next month. Early bird specials are always offered to members for National AIGA conferences. Plus, be on the lookout! AIGA Boston members can get discounts on many other conferences as well. For example, members received a registration discount for TypeCon, who brought their annual conference to Boston last August. If you follow us on social media or get our emails, we’ll let you know when your membership can get you some sweet deals on conferences. Never miss a chance to save by signing up for our newsletter.

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Submit your work to be featured

AIGA Boston just launched our Member Spotlight. You can nominate yourself or someone else to be featured. Share your work and your process with other members of the community and be inspired by what others have shared.

Submit your work

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Start your next job search here

Being a part of the largest professional design association means access to amazing jobs. AIGA has a Members Only job board where you can find jobs in any city. If you’re looking for talent, employers can post descriptions to the board. It’s the first place members go to find their next opportunity and the premier place for employers seeking the most qualified designers.

Start your next job search

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Attend AIGA Boston events

We are constantly putting on events. We have social mixers called AFTAs, workshops, lectures, and presentations. We cover all things design whether you work in-house or freelance, UX or print. Design spans so many different industries and we strive to support all of them. We have events on how design influences psychology, government, technology and so much more. Connect with other members and see all the innovative design happening in Boston.

Photo by Ben Gebo


Once you’ve been to a few events, maybe you want a little more. Volunteering is a perfect opportunity to get even more involved in the community and support your profession. Get to know the leaders of AIGA Boston, help put on cutting-edge events, and more. Volunteers are a huge part of what makes AIGA Boston so successful.

Photo by Shane Ernest

At any stage of your professional journey, AIGA is here to support you. Did we miss anything? Let us know!

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Header photo by Grant Terzakis edited by Sarah Croughwell
Brush up on some skills photo by Chiranit Prateepasen
Attend a conference photo by Nile Scott Shots and Maggie Hall Photography
Start your next job search photo by Bruce Spero
Attend AIGA Boston events photo by Ben Gebo Photography
Volunteer photo by Shane Ernest, Rare
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Published September 5, 2017