Freelance Platform Opportunity for AIGA Boston – by Crew

Would you like a place to find and post projects within the AIGA Boston community?

We’ve been hearing from our membership that they would like a way to find and post local freelance jobs. Recently, we’ve been chatting with Crew about creating a platform of curated freelance projects and designers. Crew has had success helping AIGA Chicago launch something similar, so we’d like to gauge the interest level within our community. Check out more below about why Crew wants to help us with this endeavor, and take our survey to let us know what you think:

Would it be useful to have a platform where AIGA Boston members could be connected with local projects and jobs?

A note from Michael, at Crew:

When I first began freelancing, the AIGA was one of the first places I turned to for guidance. I networked at their mixers and learned how to become a professional from their events. I used their resources to create my first contracts and have built lifelong relationships with the people in their community.

Eventually, I even joined the board in Las Vegas.

It was a transitional time in the design industry. Working on the web was becoming as in demand as print and traditional advertising and our local chapter was figuring out how we could introduce this new content to the community.
Being at the helm of such a rapid industry shift was one of the most exciting, challenging, and rewarding experiences of my career. Together, the AIGA changed the conversation around design and brought in new perspectives that influenced how and what people worked on.

Today, we find ourselves in the middle of a similar shift. Work is moving remote. More and more people are contracting and freelancing, and we, as a community, need to find ways to adapt and nurture this new way of working.

When we began exploring how Crew could provide value to the AIGA Boston community, I was brought back to my initial experiences helping bring the design community together. It made sense that now, with similarly huge changes happening, the answer would be the same: find new ways for AIGA members to connect and work together.

So, we want to know if building a community for AIGA Boston where we can connect members who are designers with projects and jobs is something that would be useful to you. Join us!

Photo credits: Dai KE

By AIGA Boston & Michael Sacca of Crew
Published January 31, 2016