Film Series Season 1: Wrap-Up

by Jodi Vautrin

As summer draws near, teasing us with on-again off-again waves of beautiful weather, so marks the end of AIGA Boston’s first ever Film Series, in partnership with Design Museum Boston.

Thanks to our generous hosts Tim Douglas and Emerson College, this year we held all three events at the Paramount Center’s Screening Room. We showed Milton Glaser: To Inform & Delight, had the pleasure of welcoming director Doug Wilson and cast to screen Linotype: The Film for the first time in Boston, and wrapped up the season with Beautiful Losers, a documentary about a group of artists—like Shepard Fairey, Mike Mills, Thomas Campbell, Chris Johanson—in the ’90s influenced by underground youth subcultures such as skateboarding, graffiti, street fashion, and independent music.

Accompanying these films was a one-of-a-kind poster series. A two-person team was chosen to interpret each film and put their mark on the season—AIGA members David Weik and Will Thomas, who both work at Continuum. Will says: “Film is such rich source material for design. We let the personality of the film come through each design, while maintaining a consistent structure and limited color palette for the whole series. It was great to work collaboratively on each piece and especially to have such great films as inspiration.”

We really love the bold simplicity of this series, which was donated by David and Will, along with “EM Letterpress”: and “Mohawk Fine Papers”:


Additional thanks go out to Andrea Fineman of Design Museum Boston for helping us coordinate the series and Barbara Geoghegan, our volunteer who helped things run smoothly at the events.

We look forward to bringing you new films covering design, art, architecture, culture, and more next season!

If you would like to submit your work for consideration as next season’s poster designer, and are a current member of AIGA, please email Director of Emerging Ideas, Jodi Vautrin. If you would like to screen a film with us, please email Director of Operations, Tracy Swyst.

By AIGA Boston
Published May 17, 2012