LAUNCH 2013: Catch up. Get down.


You, AIGA Boston, and 300 of your soon-to-be closest friends.

A party to kick off the New Year. Find out about all of AIGA’s design events planned for 2013 and get involved in making them awesome. Here’s a taste of what will be unveiled:

  • First ever Boston Design Week
  • Emerging Ideas: Hot Topics, Generation E(ntrepreneur), New Directions in IxD, The Business of Design
  • 10th Annual BoNE Show
  • Design For Good (D4G)
  • Student Chapter Presidents Council

And to help celebrate the greatness that will be 2013, there’ll be music and drinks and an all-around good time.  Mingle, conspire, and party with other design lovers.  Bring some friends or make some there. 18+.

You know why.

RSVP and start the New Year right.

What's an AFTA?
AIGA Boston AFTA events are agenda-less, free-form gatherings of area creative folk. Each month a different firm gets to pick the place and play host for the evening... AIGA Boston gets to thank one of our generous partners for their ongoing support... and the local creative community gets to drop by "afta" work and hang loose!

Want to host one?
Hosting an AFTA is easy, cost-free, and it's a great way for a firm of any size to connect with the design community. Contact Elizabeth Brenke, AFTA Chairperson,

When & Where
Tue, Nov 30, -0001