Brand Strategy Workshop

Striking the balance between your customers and your brand

It is common for design projects to begin without a solid vision or direction. This problem is particularly prevalent on in-house projects where your team is in charge of establishing an approach that balances business goals and customer needs with an existing brand. With this responsibility on your shoulders, it is key for your team to find alignment with a defined goal and vision.

In this workshop, we will explore who your customers are and their journey as it relates to your brand. We will identify what makes consumers sit up and pay attention, and what makes them run away. From this, we will show how to pinpoint the true essence of your brand. We’ll review various case studies in authenticity; Examples of where it shines (a la Tesla) and where it collides with actions (a la Mast Brothers Chocolate and VW) will help us explore its importance to a brand, and its relation to short and long-term success.


9:00am - Breakfast
9:30am - Introductions
9:40am - Workshop starts
12:00pm - Workshop ends


  1. Customer journey mapping: Discover, Explore, Buy, Engage
  2. Brand mapping: Start with the Why

Who should attend:

  • Designers
  • In-house creatives
  • Strategists
  • Anyone trying to create a compelling brand experience
  • Those searching for the essence of their brand
When & Where
Fri, Mar 25, 2016 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM EDT
BSA Space, Pearl Street Room
290 Congress Street #200
Boston, MA 02210