Casual Critique: Recap

Someone Actually Pinned Up!

The first meeting of the AIGA Boston Casual Critique group was a lot of fun with people sharing everything from logo designs, an e-book layout, website and magazine layouts, and even a concept for a museum exhibit.


It was great to talk about design ideas without the pressure of work/school and to bring together such diverse backgrounds within the industry into one room.

Don’t miss the next one, we will be sending out information once we have a date and location.

If you have any questions, feel free to email Casual Critique.

Also a big THANK YOU to everyone who made it to the first meeting. I really enjoyed the creative energy and hope you did too.

Finally, THANKS to EverTrue for allowing us to use their office.

Casual Critique is an AIGA Boston initiative to encourage friendly dialogue amongst the local design community. The Design Studio culture has proven to spark novel ideas that can only be achieved with a group effort and rather than leaving that environment at school or within one office, we believe that keeping it alive for professionals across multiple disciplines will have a positive impact on the design community as a whole.

By AIGA Boston
Published June 8, 2015