BU Presents 0+2=1

*This is the 2015 MFA Graphic Design Thesis show.

It represents our response to and transformation of our working studio, or lack thereof, during our two year thesis studies at Boston University.

Join us on April 10th at 6pm and be part of the experience.

Sehyr Ahmad + Qusai Akoud + Roba Alkhouli + Weifan Chen + Heekyung Jenny Cho + Amanda Creighton + Alice Donovan + Kewei Du + Salma Ghulman + Marshall Lambert + M Katie Leech + Wenpin Li + Ying Li + Valentina LondoĊ„o + Diandian Wang + Xiaoyang Wang = 1

Free design swag + cocktails on opening night.
Open April 10th – 26th.

For more info: http://0plus2equals1.com

By AIGA Boston
Published April 7, 2015