Michelle Curtis

What type of work do you do ?
Interactive designer with a little bit of UI and a little bit of UX, best of both worlds. Designing websites, e-textbooks and applications for the education world.

What got you started volunteering with AIGA?
Curiosity. As a student I started volunteering just moving chairs and running the registration table. Continued on to help plan and organize DxB and now I’m here.

What do you hope to achieve as a board member??
Get more designers involved in the community and be a mentor especially to our student members.

What’s your favorite dining spot in the city? Tres Gatos in JP for Dinner and Monica’s Mercado in the Northend for the Italian Sub!

What’s your ideal drink to sip on at an AFTA event?
Jameson & Ginger

By AIGA Boston
Published March 29, 2015