Lauren Yanko

What type of work do you do ?
I’ve been in the start-up scene for a little while now, and I wear a lot of hats – brand & identity, interactive design, and product marketing to name a few. I’m also commonly referred to as the Prime Minister of Iced Creams.

What got you started volunteering with AIGA?
I helped found a student chapter at my college during my senior year. Following graduation, a design idol of mine wrote to me with the recommendation that I stay connected with AIGA. One of the first things I did when I moved to Boston was attend an AFTA where I signed up to begin volunteering with the chapter!

What do you hope to achieve as a board member??
As Director of Member Experience, I hope to learn from our members and provide them with the events and materials they need to become better designers. I likewise hope to collaborate with, inspire, and be inspired by other passionate designers.

What’s your favorite dining spot in the city? Kirkland Tap and Trotter – local, seasonal ingredients, cozy neighborhood vibe, my favorite waiter, and a chef that waves to me when I walk in the door!

What’s your ideal drink to sip on at an AFTA event?
Pimm’s Cup, or really anything your grandpa would drink.

By AIGA Boston
Published March 29, 2015