Emily Hamre

What type of work do you do ?
UX/UI designer primarily for websites, with some software and apps in the mix

What got you started volunteering with AIGA?
I wanted to get involved with Design for Good, so I reached out and started helping plan a workshop. In the middle of that I got involved in some late-stage planning for DxB, which is how I got into the thick of things.

What do you hope to achieve as a board member??
Design is such a diverse field now, and I’d like to help reinforce the strong community of designers we have with varying specialties, and to make sure every interest is represented. Additionally, I want to continue supporting the impact that design can make on the world, through initiatives like Design for Good.

What’s your favorite dining spot in the city? Posto in Davis Square. A) Pizza and B) I love the atmosphere- nice, but a homey neighborhood place at the same time. A close second is actually from the same owners, just up the block called The Painted Burro. The nachos…

What’s your ideal drink to sip on at an AFTA event?
A fresh gin and tonic

By AIGA Boston
Published March 29, 2015