Across our nation, AIGA shows Boston Love

On April 15th, Marathon Monday, a hole tore through the center of our city, but the fabric of our community remains intact. We are proud of Boston, and never more so than this past week as we witnessed bravery in the face of danger and love in the face of an irrational act of hatred.

At times like this, many of us feel powerless to act. Not all of us can visit the wounded or place flowers on a memorial. But whether we live down the street or 3,000 miles away, there is one small thing that all of us can do – we can donate a few dollars. And when we all do it together, small donations add up to a lot – a lot of resources for victims and their families, a lot of help for the wounded, and a lot of love for the Boston community. Please visit to give.

As we struggle with the emotional pain and loss, AIGA chapters throughout the nation are reaching out to offer support. We would like to share their messages with you.

“On Monday a nation didn’t see smoke and ash we saw the best of a community and city rise to the occasion. Boston is a great city and continues to be one…you’re in our thoughts!”
Scott Weisgerber, President, AIGA Orange County

“AIGA is a community of all creative people, committed to “No Designer Left Behind” and in a moment of shock and sorrow, it means we all stand with our colleagues in Boston and anywhere struck with the impact of this mindless act that we will not leave you behind in optimism, hope, friendship and even despair. We are with you. One AIGA.”
Ric Grefé, AIGA

“You have our support, thoughts and prayers. In trying times like this, where there is no logic or meaning behind heinous acts,  the strength and resilience of people and communities are tested. We wish you strength. We are positive that AIGA Boston will be a strong force in helping the community stay strong and move forward. Know that AIGA chapters and Designers from all across the country are there behind you.”
– Rukmini Ravikumar, President, AIGA Oklahoma

“Sending love and peace to Boston in this time of distress, @aigajax is here for whatever you need. Much love.”
– Karen Kurycki, President, AIGA Jacksonville

“From The Crossroads of America, we send our love and support to the City of Boston and all those affected by Monday’s tragedy.”
– Joshua Cook, President, AIGA Indianapolis

“We send our condolences to everyone affected by the recent tragedy in Boston. Our hearts go out to those who lost a loved one and we will continue to keep you all in our prayers.”
– Bobby Buchanan, President, AIGA San Diego

“Please know that AIGA DC is thinking of you and praying for Boston’s recovery during this time, we are here for you, along with all of the other AIGA chapters.”
Elizabeth Ott, President, AIGA DC

“Our hearts are with you all in overcoming this tragedy.”
Enrique Von Rohr, President, AIGA St. Louis

“New York’s thoughts and prayers go out to our friends in Boston. The nation stood by our side after Sandy and 9/11. We hope to do the same in the wake of this tragedy.”
Willy Wong, President, AIGA NY

“Our thoughts are with you – Boston is dear to our hearts and considered family as we are all New Englanders.”
Michelle Hobbs, President, AIGA Vermont

“If design can CHANGE the world, design can heal…”
Serena Fox, AIGA Vermont

“Carrying you, Boston, in our hearts, heads, and hands.”
Barbara Hollingdale, AIGA Vermont (former Boston resident)

“While shocked and saddened by this act of violence, we are also inspired by the resilience and unity Bostonians have shown in the face of tragedy. The thoughts and prayers of the Central PA design community go out to our friends up north.”
Joshua Buckwalter, President, AIGA Central Pennsylvania

“To a beautiful city and its beautiful community: Maine is with you, Boston.”
Sean Wilkinson, President, AIGA Maine

“Sending thoughts and prayers to the people of Boston and everybody who has been affected by this absolutely senseless act. Please receive our warmest support from your friends at AIGA Pittsburgh.”
Doris Short, President, AIGA Pittsburgh

“As a fellow Bostonian, my heartfelt condolences, as you cope with this shocking tragedy.”
Patty Devlin-Driskel, President, AIGA Santa Barbara

“To our dear friends and colleagues in Boston, our hearts are broken as we watch this tragedy unfold from afar. Our thoughts are with you, and we send our love, all the way from Alaska.”
Erin Hamilton, President, AIGA Alaska

“As a marathon runner myself, this was particularly hard to hear about from so far away. I know that Boston, like many runners, will not let this tragedy get them down; instead, they will will run harder, and continue to strengthen their community. Our thoughts and prayers are with you in Austin as you cope with this tragedy.”
Erin Bender, President, AIGA Austin

“Our heartfelt thoughts and sympathies go out to the people of Boston in light of this senseless act of violence. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.”
Sarah Burns, President, AIGA Upstate New York

“To our friends and neighbors in Boston – we stand with you in tragedy, and beside you in support.”
Philip Hawthorne, President, AIGA Rhode Island

“We love you, Boston. You are our history and our heart and we feel your wound like it’s our own.”
Mike Gorman, President, AIGA West Michigan

“RVA sends its love and support to the city and all those affected. Like a marathoner, Boston will endure.”
David McIntosh, President, AIGA Richmond

“Our hearts go out to the injured runners and spectators of the Boston marathon, and the community surrounding them. May you find strength in the outpouring of support around the world, and a renewed faith in humanity in the wake of this vengeful act.”
Sara Frisk, President, AIGA Chicago

“Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your families and all of the Boston community. We are shocked and saddened by this unbelievable tragedy. Please know that Seattle and all of the Pacific Northwest will help in any way possible and together we will get through this scary and sad time.”
Aaron Shurts, President, AIGA Seattle

“Hearts broken, we find hope in your acts of courage and kindness in midst of chaos and tragedy. We are in this together; unified in love and support of the people of Boston.”
David Hisaya Asari, President, San Francisco

“Our thoughts remain with the victims and on Boston as a community rising above this senseless act”
– Kevin Brindley, President, AIGA Charlotte

By AIGA Boston
Published April 22, 2013