A Word from the Directors

On April 21st we were honored to host Hilary Greenbaum and Susan Sellers, design directors of the Whitney Art Museum and The Metropolitan Museum of Art, respectively, at our recent FUTURE/HISTORY lecture.

The two shared their experiences working with recently redesigned identities, managing the complexities of these systems, and working within distinct architectural spaces.

Below are a few highlight quotes from the night, visually interpreted by member Jackie Littman:

"Gestures of inclusion go a long way." Hilary Greenbaum

"Brand is the story. Design is the storytelling." Susan Sellers

"You know, that's a really great idea, but it's gonna look WACK." Hilary Greenbaum

"Design is idea dependent, not media dependent." Susan Sellers

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FUTURE/HISTORY is a series of lectures engaging the voices defining contemporary graphic design. Bringing established masters and rising stars of design together, FUTURE/HISTORY creates a dialogue considering the future of visual communication. The series has featured Matthew Carter, Peter Bil’ak, Ellen Lupton, Jiminie Ha, Ben Fry, Casey Reas, James Victore, and GFDA.

By Jackie Littman
Published May 3, 2016