EMERGING IDEAS aims to help the design community in Boston stay current. It leverages a range of timely, impactful topics and studios working on new technologies, innovations and approaches to the design profession.

The design industry is evolving at a rapid pace that is at once incredibly fascinating and a little daunting. Our specially designed events will dive into topics related to user experience, digital media, interaction design, content strategy, design strategy, design thinking, and design research.

Past events have included:

01fathom_thumb  Adventures in Data

Ben Fry, the founder of Fathom, gave an overview to his studio’s approach to data-driven design and touched on some of the company’s projects over the past year.

02handlettering_thumb  The Resurgence of Hand Lettering

An evening panel discussion to find out why hand lettering has made a comeback and how it is impacting design along with a hands-on all-day workshop. View the Flickr gallery

03_sosolimited_thumb  Technology/Design

John Rothenberg and Eric Gunther discussed recent work from their art and technology studio, Sosolimited. From real-time data visualization to physical installations to social-media analytics, their work lies at the intersection of new technology and age-old creative techniques.

mr_graphic_thumb  All That Is Solid Melts Into Air

Michael Rock—founding partner, Creative Director of 2×4 Inc. and Director of the Graphic Architecture Project at Columbia University looked at emerging forms of image production that live in, on, and around architectural space.

05_coworkingtour_thumb  Generation E: Coworking Space Tour

Now, more than ever, people are becoming their own bosses and taking their creativity to new heights as entrepreneurs. With that, have come inventive office spaces. We toured co-working spaces in the Boston/Cambridge area.

0924_SITES_SELL_150x150  Sites That Sell

Every business, of course, needs to have a Website, but what should a business expect from its Website? Oftentimes, the difference between having a site that creates business and one that is just a brochure is a matter of the perspective you have and the goals you set for it going in.

0419_DS_150x150  Head First: Design Strategy for Greater Impact

Creative work rooted in design strategy has more value and greater impact. Developing design strategy is a scalable process that can be adapted for clients and projects of any size. It helps you enhance your work – and your business.

150x150  A Practical Experience of Story & Design

Those of us in the field of design tell stories as a natural part of what we do. The craft and problem solving poured into any design solution will always have a context, conflict, logical constructs and most importantly, an audience. This workshop was not merely a survey of storytelling, but a session where participants learned some of the key components and processes of telling stories in support of our daily work.