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Applied Design Thinking For New Game Strategy

Thu, Apr 17, 2014 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM
Microsoft NERD Center
1 Memorial Dr
Cambridge, MA 02142

The need for 21st century mindsets and protocols has sparked unprecedented interest in “design thinking”, a human-centered, prototype-powered and foresight-driven process that generates new ideas and creative energy as effectively for products and services, as it does for business models and strategies. This keynote will introduce you to the cognitive processes used in design and demonstrate how they can be used to frame problems, gather insights, envision solutions, create new opportunities and develop growth strategies on C-suite level.


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For business executives and creative professionals alike, "design thinking" is a powerful way to imagine and create new products, services, strategies, and business models and reinvent the way businesses think and act. It can help companies to avoid missing out on ground-shaking technological shifts or help CEOs to transform their organizations.

Traditional skills are making way for the techniques and cognitive processes of design to help solve complex business problems and create shareholder value. This process fosters a refreshed and revitalized approach to strategic planning. A cognitive process that balances the rational and emotional - in effect combining left brain and right brain thinking. Idris will share examples of how industry leaders in different industries are embarking on the “design thinking “ journey and their lessons learned.

About Idris Mootee

Idris is one of the world’s foremost leaders on applied design thinking in large-scale strategy innovation and transformation. Keynote speaker, published author, visiting professor and innovation and strategy advisor to C-level executives, Idris brings considerable conceptual power and creativity to help clients to facilitate strategy planning sessions, develop strategic foresights, identify their highest-value innovation opportunities, address their most critical innovation and develop/implement breakthrough ideas and implement transformation.

Idris is currently Global CEO at Idea Couture – strategic innovation firm with offices in 8 countries. To further accelerate Idea Couture's ambition of becoming the world’s premier strategic innovation and experience design firm, Idris has pioneered an applied Design Thinking innovation process for business strategy development.

He is the author of five business books in multiple languages and most recently Design Thinking for Strategic Innovation (Wiley 2013) and has been quoted in The New York Times and Wharton Knowledge Journal and other leading publications. He is also the publisher/editor-in-chief of M/I/S/C – a magazine dedicated to design thinking and innovation and designed he Design Thinking and Business Creativity Program at the Harvard Graduate School of Design and a visiting professor at several graduate schools in Europe and Latin America.


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